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Nice little BBC piece on Rockets in Mojave

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Pretty well done piece on the new space industry in Mojave, including XCOR. 


This was shot just a couple of weeks ago. 


Welcome back...



It's been at least 4 years since I had a complete, updated website, though I did have a number of temporary photo galleries scattered about other domains.   It's one of those "I'm too busy working!" type things.   And doing a lot of other stuff.   The live steam hobby has pretty much consumed my spare time, but now that winter's here, there's a big drop off in activity.  I decided I needed to get this site out the door to coincide with the release of my Nevada Northern 2009 calendar.  The calendar has the URL printed on the back.  I also swore to myself that I wouldn't start playing any new FPS games until my site was up.  ;)

This is a soft launch, there's still some things missing and bugs to work out, but the fact that I've gotten it to a largely complete state is pretty amazing.    There's nearly 3,000 photos in the gallery now, many of which have never been seen before.    The biggest new addition is the complete travel gallery from Turkey, with many of that country's well known archeological and architectural treasures.

The major photographic items left are the four Japan trips, the Britain trip and some miscellaneous and aerospace stuff.  At the rate I have been photographing, it has been difficult to keep up with the backlog.

I've hacked up the Moveable Type blog software to fit in my site template more or less, but later on it's going to need some cleaning up.   I'm brute-forcing it's byzantine templating system rather than working with it currently.  It does not play nice with existing site CSS files.

So welcome back, and I'll be adding even more content in the coming months.   I am nearly caught up with everything, which is good news.


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