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Print Design and Publication

Here are some of the print designs and products I have executed.  These are usually concept to completion, designed, printed and delivered, Generally with offset lithography (printing press) but sometimes one-offs or print-on-demand / short run digital.  All of them incorporate my photography.  If you are interested in having a print product created for sale or promotion, feel free to contact me with your proposal.

Nevada Northern Railway 2009 Calendar

This calendar was executed for the Nevada Northern Railway, a national historic landmark in Ely, Nevada.

I designed and published the calendar, in addition to taking all the photographs for it.  Click the image to learn more.

Various Event Posters

These posters were executed for the local chamber of commerce for various town events such as Veterans Day and Gold Rush Days.

Many of these incorporate stock elements combined with original photography to produce a quality item very quickly.

SpaceShipOne Calendar

This colorful oversized calendar was executed for the Rocketbooters, a non-profit charitable organization run by Tonya Rutan, Burt Rutan's wife.

This is a good example of collaboration between for-profits and non-profits.   Click the image or the title to learn more.


Mojave Chamber of Commerce Brochure

This colorful french five fold brochure was designed for the Mojave Chamber of Commerce, and includes interesting facts and history about the transportation hub of Mojave, CA. 90 miles northeast of Los Angeles.


XCOR Corporate Brochure

This advertisement presents an overview of an entire company's products and intellectual property in one 5-fold brochure.  It is a handy reference to give out at conferences, trade shows and with marketing material for investor relations.

Click the brochure to see more details.

Mojave Town Billboards

These billboards were designed for the Mojave Chamber of Commerce, using a collage of three of my photos.  Click the image to learn more.

Christmas Greeting Card

This 4X6 greeting card features my photo of the Mojave windfarms on the cover, and was printed at 500 quantity using short-run digital offset-lithography.  Click the image to see a physical example and larger image.

"Thunder" Poster

This photo illustration is a collage of two images taken at almost the same location at different times.  it is currently in pre-press and the prototype was exhibited at the Mojave Gold Rush Days art show.  Click the image or title to see a larger image.


Aviation and Space Postcards mostly featuring my photography.  These were for sale at the Voyager Restaurant at the Mojave Spaceport as well as my retail website.

Click the image to see a larger version.

XCOR Product Brochure

This double-sided full color 8X10 brochure was made for an earlier rocket propellant piston pump design.  The brochure was more of an advertisement of the technology rather than the specific model.

Click the image to see both sides of the brochure.

XCOR Rocket Engine Technology Poster

This 24X36 rich-color poster explains XCOR's various rocket engines and fuels.  Click the poster to see a larger version.

XCOR General Information Poster

This is a giant 30 X 40 poster with an overview of XCOR's engine tank and pump technologies. It was originally made for a specific conference and re-used many times at other conventions.

Click the image to see a larger version.

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