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Live Scale Steam

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Live Scale What?

I am involved in the Live Scale Steam community. Think of it as model railroading gone completely bonkers.  unlike tabletop model railroading, engineers actually ride their trains, and steam locomotives are actually powered by steam, fired by coal, oil or propane, and sometimes even wood.  Engines are typically built from scratch or castings using plans scaled down from or inspired by the original prototype.  Due to the nature of steam technology, scale steam engines work exactly like their full size counterparts, often with working brakes, pumps, sanders, whistles, bells, etc.

There are many tracks located around the United States and all over the world. It is a close-knit, fun hobby and I reccomend it to anyone who likes trains or has interests in steam, machining metal or the satisfaction of building things with your hands.



Allen Models Chloe

My father and I completed an Allen Models Chloe and a riding tender in 7.5" gauge, 2 1/2" scale, and it steamed for the first time in 2010.  It continues to be a reliable runner to this day.



MEG Steam "Wendy"

My father and I rebuilt a MEG Steam "Wendy" 3 3/4" scale 0-4-0 for 7.5" gauge. This engine features a marine style boiler and Allen cylinders. It is currently coal fired. We are currently building more rolling stock for it.


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I've shot many videos of Live Steam railroading meets.  The best introduction to live steam is the Bitter Creek Western 2007 Narrow Gauge Meet video.  There is a wide variety of engines and equipment to look at.

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